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Online Hip Hop Beat Makers: What's Best?

Author: John Paul Jones

Previously, up-and-coming hip hop beats producers would be required to know people in the industry, make a couple of mix tapes, save a few grand, and head off to the studio with their fingers crossed. This was an enormous obstacle for those trying to get their start making hip hop beats, and prevented many from ever making a single track. Not too long after this era, with the rise of computers,  they would be required to get painfully overpriced hip hop beat making software that was hard to understand and impossible to learn. Now, online hip hop beat makers make it easier than ever for these people to get a foot in the door.

So, what things should you look for in an online hip hop beat maker program? The ease of use of the system is what separates online beat makers from their desktop software friends. Desktop hip hop beat maker software is filled with controls and features that would never be used by beginners; the online hip hop beat makers cut out this unneeded fluff and started giving users only what they need to make sick hip hop tracks. Some common features to be on the lookout for: easily adjustable tempo, easy export to common files such as mp3, multiple tracks, and a preset instrument sound and beat library.

Being able to export to mp3 was important to me when I first started looking for an online rap beat maker. One program that I used in the past, which I won't name, made it very hard for me to save my rap beats as mp3s. See, it was very important for me to be able to do this because I tend to burn a lot of mix tape discs for long rides with my friends who also make hip hop beats. Before signing up for a hip hop beat making site, check to make sure they have mp3 exportability. I know sites like Sonic Producer have this included.

Next, an uncluttered easy to use user interface is of utmost importance. The entire point of moving to making hip hop beats online is the ease of use of these sites. You must to be able to make beats with little effort: if you find yourself struggling you are probably using the wrong program. Don't confuse ease of use with poor quality however, programs like Sonic Producer are top of the line but cut down on the stuff that isn't needed.

As I said, also be sure to look for a nice big preset sound library. This goes hand in hand with the ease of use and the whole principle behind having an online rap beat maker in the first place. It is much easier to make your own hip hop beats and instrumentals if you have a lot of hits, loops, drums, and instruments to choose from. In the past, sites and programs would start you with nothing and expect beginners to know how to synthesize samples and loops.

One website that is perfect for beginners is an online rap beat maker called Sonic Producer. I believe you will find that not only is it one of the most affordable websites to become a member of, it is one of the easiest systems to start making rap beats online in no time at all. This site gets beginners started easier than any other system I have seen. Their customer service is unrivaled, and their online hip hop beat maker is top of the line. And yes, they have mp3 exportability. To learn more about this beat maker, check it out by following the previous link or any of the ones in the resource box below:

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Want to get started with an online hip hop beat maker? I'd suggest checking out Beat Makers Online to get started today. It's easier than ever to make your own beats... what are you waiting for? Get your career off the ground!

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  1. beat makers………?
    i want to be a singer, but i cant afford to get a recording studeo for now since my family is poor. i really want to make POP music but im not sure if the online beat makers work for POP music, only hip hop and rap stuff and plus i want to record my voice and sing my songs.
    so if i want to make POP music at home do i have to by an advanced type of beat machine and voice recorder.
    so please give me some things i can use that i can record my voice with. thank you.

  2. Where can you find up and coming beat makers looking for up and coming rappers.?
    I am currently trying to get 3 up and coming talented rappers signed, I am looking for beat makers.

  3. Online Hip Hop Beat Makers – Anybody Knows Where To Find One?
    I need this kind of music beat makers. Any help to find Online Hip Hop Beat Makers is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to you great folks!

  4. how can i get fl studios real version free? is there any other free hiphop beat makers for free?
    i want the real fl studios version so i can save my work. and are there other beat makers free where i can save?

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